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Laila Aaris - A self-taught artist !

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As a child and "teen" I virtually lived with a pencil in my hand.
I drew when bored, in school, in trains - everywhere. Later the interest unfortunately slipped a little in the background, as education, interests and future family/ children took over.

I was educated within Clinical Biochemistry in 1993, and worked for several years in private industry - first as an laboratory technician and briefly as a Data Manager. Missing the creativity I convinced the director about my abilities as a graphic designer - the way for a creative career was laid.

After years as a graphic designer, webmaster and marketing coordinator, I chose to change course in order to devote myself the true call: the free creativity! At age 37 my first painting was born.

The inspiration is - the little details that are everywhere, if you are open to see them. Nature is particular important to me. Clouds and trees makes me feel free and happy, they inspire me through their shape and color, which is continuously changing. Inspiration is also found in the colours of the changing seasons or the tiny details found in nature, with children, in experiences, feelings and thoughts.

Nothing is right or wrong. All impressions and feelings are important, can be processed into something inspiring and thereby transformed into art.

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